(Hedonic Path Finder System)

High Security Holograms with Barcode
tusing our Track & Trace System.

The solution tracks the journey of a bottle from its birth till its end and involves multiple stakeholders from different application domains who monitor the bottle’s journey periodically.

The solution uses web and mobile app to monitor the journey of the bottle from start to end. The app uses feature rich interactive dashboard and modern reporting systems to view and decipher the various datapoint captured by the app. The different data points include the distillery where it was manufactured, date of manufacture, MRP , content mix amongst other details.

HPFS, is C-Tel’s flagship track and trace product successfully running for the excise departments of the State Government of AP and Telangana since the past 7 years.

This prestigious milestone product of our Track & Trace solution uses Barcode,RFID and IoT Methodology to offer a complete end-to-end solution for the excise department in handling, tracking, tracing and monitoring the liquor consumption in the twin states.

Stages Involved

Hologram Manufacture




The HPFS system uses C-Tel’s complete solution suite of integrated and connected tools, hardware, software, wireless/localization techniques, IoT middleware and industrial solution design, with system integration capabilities to build the complete end-to-end tracking solution.

The comprehensive suite offered by C-Tel has made it emerge as the perfect partner for the Government’s Track & Trace system.


Blend indenting generation, hologram indent generation, 1 D and 2 D barcodes and a robust shipment process.

Product Features

Web based application with user login and password
Vehicle Details and Off Trip Alerts configuration
Mark Way Points
Standard Routes
Assign Trips and Alerts
Send SMS or Email or Both (at a pre-configured minute interval)
Dashboard of all the vehicles
Maps – Current Position, Trip View, One Day Route

This Track & Trace solution has also been commercially rolled out for other industries including retail , asset tracking, vehicle tracking, bin-management systems amongst a whole lot of industrial applications.

The application has in-built regional-, industry-, and technology-specific regulatory requirements for wider adoption. It is also built on approved standards like WiFi and Bluetooth, which enables straightforward implementation.

HPFS is a completely agile and scalable solution that can be customised and integrated with other enterprise solutions.



Consignment receiving, goods acknowledgement, quality and quantity verification, Warehouse house maintenance and transport management To know more about HPFS and get a complete understanding of its working click here.

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